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Using our website, or accepting our quote means you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions

  1. Access to our premises

When accessing our premises you do so at your own risk. We will not be held liable for injuries, damage or theft from/to your person or property.

  1. Our responsibility

By accepting your property for repairs at our shop, we accept responsibility to repair it professionally as quickly as possible. We will take the utmost care to keep it safe and undamaged and return it to you with the job done properly and professionally. We will do everything within reason to protect it against theft and damage.

When we enter your home or place of business, either to collect, deliver or quote, we will do everything within reason to protect your property, and if we are moving furniture around, which can be a tricky business, not to cause further damage to other items.

However, we are not superhuman and accidents do unfortunately happen at times which brings us to your responsibility.

  1. Your responsibility

You shall make access and exit routes as accessible as possible. We need a clean workspace, where we can continue our work safe in the knowledge that even if one of our employees drops a hammer from the top of a ladder, or he falls, your property is out of harm’s way. We cannot spend an hour to move other furniture around in order to get to what needs to be collected, or find a place to place your furniture. Everything that can be damaged (especially if it cannot be moved), should be protected by yourself before we arrive. If you need assistance (we cannot expect an elderly couple to move furniture around now can we?) a suitable arrangement for the cost of labour can be negotiated beforehand.

At all time, and without exception, insurance of your property, whether it is in our workshop, or a job done onsite, is your responsibility. YOU NEED TO INSURE YOUR PROPERTY AGAINST FIRE, THEFT, WATER DAMAGE and whatever accidental damage can be imagined – in other words, comprehensive insurance - it is your responsibility.

  1. Payment

We are slowly but surely moving away from cash altogether. Please do not tender cash. If you plan to make a cash deposit into our bank account, understand the banks charge a hefty levy on cash so please find out what the levy is and add it to the amount you deposit.

If you want to pay by credit/debit card, please tell us in advance. We do not have a card machine but credit card payments are possible via South Africa’s foremost online payment processor, Payfast. We can issue an invoice through Payfast, and you can make your payment, with your credit/debit card on their website. It is safe and definitely more secure than cash.

Within the next 3 to 6 months we will be able to offer you payments through Mobicredit on larger amounts, giving you payments options from 6 months up.

We do require a 50% deposit on acceptance of a quote and no collection will happen, nor will work start before the deposit is paid. However, should the quote be R1000 or less, we require upfront payment. Your payment/deposit indicates your acceptance of our quote and terms and conditions.

NO JOB, without exception, shall be released to the client unless settlement of the full outstanding invoice balance has been confirmed.

Once you are notified your goods are ready for collection, we will allow you 5 days grace to settle the outstanding, and collect. After 5 days, because of our own space constraints, we will not accept any responsibility for damage to your property (inevitably it is going to end up being moved around to make space for other jobs)  and there will be a R50 surcharge per day starting on the 6th working day following the notification (sms/email) to you. Unfortunately, stockpiling repaired furniture is a risk to us as much as it is to you. If there were surcharges your goods will only be released upon settlement of these charges. Once again – NO cash please. Not even ONE R50 note!

  1. One last note – employees bidding against us

Should you be approached by our employees to do the same job cheaper after we quoted you, even just a hint to offer his/her service, please do the honourable thing and report it to us? Inevitably, you will be disappointed as several customers have now experienced. If an employee other than one of the office personnel quotes you he/she is in breach of his contract and he/she is subject to summary dismissal. It will require that you provide us with an affidavit and as much evidence as possible.

Furthermore, if you report him/her to me, and he/she is found guilty and dismissed I will pay you a fee of R500 cash for helping us root this type of corruption out if your information leads to his dismissal. You can hold me to this.

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