When The Office Chair Repairer (Pty)Ltd repair your office chair,

you can expect the best service. We believe in giving our customers the best. The best quality spares; the best quality service. So, we have extended on our "best quality service" now. 

Until 30 September, we give you the chance to grab a 10% discount. You need to present this add in some form, print, screen clip, on your mobile device to qualify. 

In addition to the 10% discount, we will return your chair cleaned, deodorized with an antibacterial agent, and checked for sticky wheels and loose nuts and bolts. And this will not cost you one cent extra!

So, you will leave here with a chair that is as good as new, and covered by a 2 year guarantee (on our spares and labour).

That is almost as good as new! 

*** and if you have a bunch of chairs, we will visit your site to check the chairs, and give you a quote. If you prefer, we can do most of the repairs onsite. If you rather have us remove the chairs to our office, we can offer you loan chairs and NO extra charge.


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