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Please note that as of Monday 21/9/2020, The Office Chair Repairer will be operating from its new premises in 26 Panorama Avenue, Edleen, Kempton Park.

Cell/whatsapp still 0834145042, email, or facebook @theofficechairrepairer. Hope to continue to be of service to you, despite the new address. The new address is more customer friendly, and I have an office to receive customers as well. In due time you will be able to sit down for a Cappuccino or espresso as well!

Please do NOT attempt to deal with Mrs Heleen Grobler who is still in Lyndhurst at the site – she DOES NOT REPRESENT Rattan and Riempie in ANY way.

How does an office chair break?

What happens that leads to your office chair ending up on a dump site (that is, unless you know that The Office Chair Repairer can rescue it)

Follow this video, showing how things progress from a clogged and sluggish castor, to a broken base, damaged cylinder or broken mechanism.

A broken, or stuck castor makes it hard to move the chair. That puts undue stress on the star base. The shaft of the castor can break out of the base (sympton – castor dangling sideways). This in turn can lead to the base breaking. This creates a very unstable chair if not repaired immediately. It can lead to personal injury.

An immobile base puts stress on the tilt mechanism underneath the seat. In the high-end office chairs, this may be cast iron, but more commonly, it is mild-steel, spot-welded together. Motion on the seat, such as trying to move the chair around on its wheels, will now put stress on the mechanism, under the seat, eventually breaking it. Symptom – seat starts to wiggle from site to side, of flop sideways. Warning – personal injury is possible!

This can extend to damage to the plywood shell (seat), and eventually tear the nuts out of the wood.

All of this can be prevented, but taking care of the chair, starting by turning it upside down once a week, and ensuring the castors are clean. No, this does not mean the chair cannot break, but you will extend it life by keeping it in a good condition. You may spot a loose castor – and the problem can be fixed before it expands to other parts of your chair.

So, if you find anything that does not look right, have it seen to on the spot. If there is a bigger problem, call us (click here to contact us) and we will resolve it economically! An you get a 2 year guarantee on work and spares (excluding castors which has a 3 month guarantee)

Most chairs can be repaired, saving you the enormous expense of a new chair.

See a video compilation describing the above visually:

How to let your office chair have a longer and happier life… Read the article here:…

Posted by The Office Chair Repairer PTY LTD on Sunday, 13 October 2019

A bit about The Office Chair Repairer

Elmien, as The Office Chair Repairers Pty(Ltd) has been in the business of repairing worn out, overworked or simply just broken office chairs for over a decade. We know if it can be done, and we know how to do it. And we do it well. In fact, we are so confident that we give you a two year warranty on our parts and workmanship. How’s that for a good deal?

Make no mistake, there are chairs where the cost of repairs exceed the cost of a new chair, and then we will tell you so. 

The gas cylinder/lift/lifting mechanism is a shock absorber and can be replaced. Those broken or sticky wheels can be replaced. The “tilting mechanism” can wear out and that can be replaced. There is almost nothing on your chair we cannot fix. And with the cost of a fairly good chair nowadays starting at around R1400, it WILL BE CHEAPER  to repair your chair. If you love it enough, we can reupholster it too! And if you are concerned about the repairs lasting – remember, we will give you a  2 (two) year warranty on the spares and work done.

Yes, a 2 year warranty – click here to try us. Nothing to loose!

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If your chair is broken, you have nothing to lose! You can only win!

Make use of anyone of the contact buttons to contact us, or click on the “Let’s Talk” button bottom right and someone will be there to listen and advise you. 

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Hi! If you are looking for a solution for your tired office chair, you came to the right place. And we back our work and spares with a 2 year warranty!