About The Office Chair Repairer (and a bit about myself)

I am Elmien Keyser and I love people and I love to chat.

I have been in the business of repairing worn out, overworked or simply just broken office chairs for over a decade. We know if it can or can’t be done, and we know how to do it. How’s that for a good deal?

Make no mistake, there are chairs where the cost of repairs is more than half of the value or exceed the cost of a new chair, and then we will tell you so and advise you on your options. The gas cylinder (lifting mechanism) is a shock absorber and can be replaced. Those broken or sticky wheels can be cleaned or replaced. The “tilting mechanism” can wear out and that can be replaced. There is almost nothing on your chair we cannot fix. And with the cost of a fairly good chair nowadays starting at around R1500, it will be cheaper to repair your chair.

Me, I love the country side, the animals and wide open spaces, I also have a big love and passion for Semi–Trucks and bikes, dancing, music almost any kind of music like Roy Orbison, Billy Currington, Shania Twain, Nickelback, Kenny Rogers and Michael Bolton.

I consider myself one very lucky women with a great family which is where I spend most of my free time. No matter how far I need to travel for my customers when I turn around, there is only one road ahead of me – back home to family, My husband is an excellent cook (yes my husband cooks.)

Then there is my extended family: 2 Dobermans, Jack Russel and a cat. The Jackie is getting old but the dobies are the most amazing dogs ever and the cat is a real love bug who loves to cuddle (and to carry screaming birds in i the dead of night).

That’s me. See, I am a nice person and you will enjoy doing business with me! En al is my “About me” engels, is ek ‘n boeremeisie met wie jy maar gerus kan Afrikaans praat! Contact me on cell/whatsapp 0834145042 or email elmien@chairrepair.co.za

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If your chair is broken, you have nothing to lose! You can only win!

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    Hi! If you are looking for a solution for your tired office chair, you came to the right place. And we back our work and spares with a 2 year warranty!